Another 512(f) Claim Fails–Ningbo Mizhihe v Doe

The plaintiff is a Chinese vendor that claims copyright in unicorn images (see depictions on the right). The defendants are also vendors using unicorn images. The plaintiff accuses the defendants of infringing the plaintiff’s copyrights. In support of that, the plaintiff sent takedown notices to Amazon targeting the defendants’ listings, which resulted in Amazon disabling the defendants’ Amazon storefront. The plaintiff also sued the defendants for copyright infringement. In response, the defendants initiated a 512(f) counterclaim. It goes exactly how you’d expect.

The defendants claimed that the plaintiff’s copyright registrations were obtained via inaccurate representations to the Copyright Office. Even if true, the court says this doesn’t affect whether the plaintiff’s representations to Amazon were correct.

The plaintiff also lacked actual knowledge of any deficiencies in its takedown notices to Amazon. “[A]side from the conclusory allegations as to Plaintiff ‘knowingly’ making misrepresentations, [the defendants’] contention effectively is one accusing Plaintiff of failing to perform an adequate investigation of the available prior art, which sounds merely in negligence.” 512(f) does not apply to takedown notices sent negligently.

Thus, the 512(f) counterclaim fails. The unicorn theme provides an apropos metaphor for this post because successful 512(f) claims are as rare as actual unicorns.

Case citation: Ningbo Mizhihe I&E Co. Ltd. v. Does 1-200, 2020 WL 2086216 (S.D.N.Y. April 30, 2020). The initial complaint.

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