Catching Up on FOSTA Since Its Enactment (A Linkwrap)

drudge-siren-300x300Some links of note about what’s happened since the enactment of the Worst of Both Worlds FOSTA:

* ReplyAll podcast on the Worst of Both Worlds FOSTA’s harmful effects on sex workers. One sex worker reports she knows of 13 sex workers missing, 2 dead, 2 sexually assaulted, and 1 suicide since passage.

* Engadget: Suicide, violence, and going underground: FOSTA’s body count

* Real Clear Life: Why Sex Workers Say FOSTA Is Dangerous and Counterproductive

* Fox23: Police Look for More Ways to Investigate Trafficking Without Backpage: “FOX23 has told you Backpage was one of the biggest tools for the Tulsa Police Vice Unit to find victims of sex trafficking and those who are trafficking them…. Police said now that they can’t set up stings on Backpage, they’ve been able to focus their manpower on investigating reports of prostitution at local massage parlors.” In other words, the Backpage shutdown has diverted law enforcement resources from protecting sex trafficking victims to pursuing prostitution more generally.

* Vice: We Must Repeal SESTA, a Deadly Law That Does Nothing to Help Trafficking Victims. This is an essay written by a Congressional candidate…running on an anti-FOSTA/SESTA platform…!

* WSJ: New Law Targets Sex Trafficking. It Could Also Hit Online Dating

* Cracked: When Leaders Who Don’t Understand The Web Try To Control It

* Vox: The next big battle over internet freedom is here

* Techdirt: FOSTA Supporters Come Out Swinging Against Critics

* Berin Szoka of TechFreedom, Platform Responsibility & Section 230: Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms: Hearing Before the House Committee on the Judiciary:

despite the best efforts of this Committee, Congress, as a whole, demonstrated itself uninterested in taking the time to understand Section 230, let alone amend it in a thoughtful or tailored way. What ultimately happened was the unfortunate result of good intentions mediated through an appallingly poor and rushed process: the Senate and the House bills were stitched together in the best tradition of Dr. Frankenstein…. SESTA reflected a profound misunderstanding of Section 230

* I gave my first practitioner talk about Section 230 and how FOSTA amends it. My talk slides.


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