GEICO v. Google Opinion (Finally) Issued

Government Employees Insurance Co. v. Google, Inc., No. 1:04cv507 (E.D. Va. Aug. 8, 2005). Overview On December 15, 2004, Judge Brinkema made an oral ruling in this case and promised to produce a written opinion in “a brief amount of…

Search Tidbits from ABA Annual Meeting

At the ABA Annual Meeting, I was on a panel with Rose Hagan of Google and Allison McDade of Dell. A couple of tidbits from the presentations that caught my attention: 1) Rose said that Google has now been sued…

How Would You Advertise a Strip Club?

The Century Lounge is a strip club located on Century Boulevard in LA right at the 405 freeway. Historically, it has advertised itself with a sign that says “Live Nude Nude Nudes” in earth toned psychedelia letters. Just about everyone…

Keyword Disputes Presentation

Tomorrow I’m speaking at the ABA Annual Meeting about trademark law and keyword disputes. I’ve prepared slides discussing the latest state of the law regarding keyword-triggering of ads by both search engines and adware.

First Camcordering Arrest

As part of its Operation Copycat (a sub-action of Operation Site Down), the DOJ announced the arrest of Curtis Salisbury for two counts of camcordering movies in theaters (“The Perfect Man” on June 21, 2005, and “Bewitched” on June 28,…

FTC Says No Undisclosed Adware? In the Matter of

In the Matter of, Inc., and John Ferber, Federal Trade Commission File No. 042-3196 (consent order announced Aug. 3, 2005). The FTC is signaling that it is sending a “message” with this case. The only problem? I’m not sure…

Are Adware Advertisers Responsible for Adware?

The topic of “who is responsible for what?” in the adware industry keeps coming up. I’ve repeatedly blogged on this topic in somewhat piecemeal fashion, but I finally organized my thoughts into an editorial that ran this morning in….

New Case Law Lists

Sorry for the catch-all posting, but I have uploaded several new resources to my website: A list of online contracts cases (emphasizing, in particular, online contract formation). A list of online service provider liability cases (copyright, trademark, 47 USC 230)….

Milwaukee Radio Station Settles 47 USC 230 Lawsuit

The Journal-Sentinel reports today that WTMJ-AM settled a libel lawsuit that appeared to be directly covered by 47 USC 230. A talk radio host, Charlie Sykes, received an email from a listener and then reposted the letter on his blog….

Kevin Kelly on the Web’s Past, Present and Future

Kevin Kelly writes a fantastic essay at Wired on the Internet circa 1995, 2005, and 2015. It’s an excellent read, so I won’t spoil all of the fun. However, two passages of particular note. First, he hits the nail on…