Blogiversary Bonus! A Video Interview About the Blog

Photo credit: Gold 10th 3d Number // ShutterStock

Photo credit: Gold 10th 3d Number // ShutterStock

Earlier this month, we celebrated the blog’s 10 year anniversary. In preparation for the anniversary, my RA Addam suggested making a video to help celebrate. After all, we don’t normally generate video content, so I thought it might be fun to experiment with communicating with everyone via a different medium. Alas, we didn’t quite complete the video done in time for the anniversary. Still, I’m happy to share this video where Addam and I talk for a half-hour about the blog, how we do what we do, and what blogging has meant to me. My apologies that the video resolution isn’t great; we experimented with the university’s video capture system and we came away disappointed with the results. I hope you enjoy the video nonetheless:

Many thanks to Addam for coming up with some great questions and doing the video editing!


This is a bonus contribution to the 4 part series celebrating our 10 year blogiversary:

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Bonus: A Video Interview About the Blog