Want to Know What I Did This Summer? A Roundup of My Projects During the Pandemic Summer

I had Spring semester off from teaching, so I was on “summer” break all of 2020. That break is over now; I’m already a week-and-a-half through the semester. I’ve completed numerous projects since the pandemic shutdown (which I’m dating as March 10, when I took my last airplane flight), some of which I have not previously announced here, so this post will round up what I’ve been doing and what you might have missed.



Policy-Related Blog Posts

Normally I do about 125 blog posts a year. So far this year, Venkat and I, and guest bloggers, have already published about that many posts, so it’s been a high-volume year for blogging. Of those posts, I’m highlighting the policy-related posts because they are longer, and take much more time to write, than my typical posts:

I list the word count in part because writing each and every one of those words for each and every one of those posts was 100% joyless.

Other Projects

Also, two pre-shutdown op-eds that I haven’t previously mentioned on the blog: