Microsoft Will Be an Adware Vendor

By Eric Goldman Microsoft is considering migrating some of its software titles to an ad-supported model instead of a consumer licensing fee model. This isn’t exactly a new idea–this development has been anticipated for at least a decade. However, if…

California Anti-Phishing Law–Cal. B&P Code Sec. 22948

By Eric Goldman Going through my stack, I came across Cal. Business & Professions Code Sec. 22948-22948.3 (SB 355), California’s recently enacted anti-phishing law. In general, compared to other state anti-Internet behavior laws, this law is relatively targeted and unobjectionable….

Jill, Meet Best Buy’s Friendly Human Shopbot/Profiler

I’m a little surprised this article hasn’t generated more discussion. Last week, the Washington Post ran an article about Best Buy’s efforts to segment and target its customer base. They have developed a set of consumer profiles that they describe…

Search Tidbits from ABA Annual Meeting

At the ABA Annual Meeting, I was on a panel with Rose Hagan of Google and Allison McDade of Dell. A couple of tidbits from the presentations that caught my attention: 1) Rose said that Google has now been sued…

eBay, the Search Engine

Is eBay a search engine? Of course it is. eBay is acknowledging as much. As the NY Times reports, “In a conference call, Ms. Whitman also described the importance of improving eBay’s search capability, calling the service as much a…

AOL Advertises on Competitors to Get Traffic to

To build traffic for, AOL is buying search ads on Google and Yahoo. The article says: “AOL had initially considered spending as much as $50 million on television ads to promote the portal. But that changed after the company…

Do You Want Pictures With That Download?

By John Ottaviani OK, maybe it’s just a slow news day, or maybe it’s because I’m working on a presentation for next week on the implications of open source software for attorneys involved in mergers and acquisitions of software companies,…

Supreme Court on Interstate Shipment of Wine–Granholm v. Heald

Granholm v. Heald, 544 U.S. __ (May 16, 2005). The US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, has declared that states cannot discriminate between out-of-state wineries and in-state wineries in allowing direct-to-consumer sales. Such discrimination violates the dormant commerce clause….

Economist on the Long Tail

Good article from the Economist explaining the Long Tail in a basic and understandable way. The article even addresses the thorny organizational/marketing problem implicit in the Long Tail. (Thanks to the Long Tail blog for the pointer).

Happy Mother’s Day from Your Loving Son (and Your Friendly FTC Bureaucrat)

Nothing tells your mom that you love her like an e-card with soft piano music, floating butterflies, pretty wildflowers…and some consumer protection tips from the FTC. Thanks to the Washington Post for the pointer.