My “Summer” 2022 Activities

I’ve regularly done a roundup post of my summer accomplishments when school starts. This year is a little different. I completed my last Internet Law class before Thanksgiving 2021 and had Spring semester off. Then, due to some personal circumstances [FN], I moved my Internet Law course from Fall to Spring this academic year, so I’m not teaching this Fall either. That means I will have an entire calendar year with no teaching. While that is pretty sweet, I will pay for it next year when I teach Internet Law in both Spring and Fall 2023.

[FN: My son is in a residential college prep program in the East Bay, and my daughter is doing a semester-long residential art program in the Napa area. That means my wife and I have an empty nest until December–the longest such kidless period in 20 years. We are still developing our travel plans (not as much fun in the COVID era), but we will definitely take advantage of our freedom!]

That’s a long prelude to explaining how my “summer 2022” really dates back to November 2021 and won’t end until January. Nevertheless, as the semester has already started at Santa Clara Law, I’ll do my rundown of my 2022 outputs-to-date anyway.

Books and Academic Articles

I have a backlog of mostly-completed articles that are not posted yet:

  • Zauderer and Editorial Transparency Laws. I’ve written this in preparation for the Supreme Court appeal in NetChoice v. Fla. AG. The draft would benefit from your comments–email me if you want to see it now.
  • How the “Tech Edge JD” Program Helped Santa Clara Law Simultaneously Improve Its Admissions Yield, Diversity, & Employment Outcomes (with Laura Lee Norris). Also looking for comments.
  • Assuming Good Faith Online, 30 Catholic U.J.L. & Tech. __ (forthcoming 2022)
  • The United States’ Approach to “Platform” Regulation

Other Articles and Advocacy

Blog Posts

I’ve blogged 100+ posts so far this year. Some of the standout posts:


I took my last “pre”-pandemic flight on March 10, 2020 and then went over two years without flying. Since March, I have flown 3x: to Kauai, Chicago, and Denver/Bozeman. Flying became troublesome again once the government lifted the in-plane mask mandate, so I don’t have any flights on my calendar at the moment.

My trips in 2022 to date:


I have started a three-year book project tentatively titled “How the Internet Benefits Humanity.” I will sharing more details about that project soon.

I have another early-stage project called “Schedule A Defendants.”

Currently, I have talks scheduled in Boulder, Phoenix, and San Diego, plus local/online talks.