New Primer on the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

In summer 2018, I wrote a short primer on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) soon after its passage. That primer proved to be quite popular, and I posted annual updated versions in summer 2019 and 2020. The passage of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) in November 2020 necessitated a complete revamp. However, I needed some recovery time to get past the pain of California voters’ bad decision, plus carefully parsing the CPRA is one of life’s joyless tasks that begs for procrastination.

10 months later, I’m pleased to announce my revamped primer on the CPRA/CCPA–a 4,000 word piece that summarizes the 27,000 words in the CPRA (so far) plus the 20,000+ words of the CCPA and its regulations. As you can imagine, this is not your typical dry description of a law. Every word in the primer is infused with my characteristic disdain for the CPRA’s process and substance. If you’re not familiar with the CPRA, this is a good one-stop resource to get you up to speed. If you are familiar with the CPRA, you’ll enjoy seeing the story told with the snark and opprobrium it deserves.

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