Social Networking Sites and Blogs Talk for Students

By Eric Goldman

Today I gave a talk entitled “Social Networking Sites and Blogs” for the on-campus Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA). My slides. In conjunction with this, I thought it might be useful to organize a bibliography of my previous postings and materials on these topics.

Blogs Generally

* Three part series on blogging: How I decide which blogs to read?, Should I blog? and If I decide I want to blog, how do I get started?

* LexBlog Q&A with Rob La Gatta, parts 1 and 2

* Bay Area Blawgers census

* Blogging, Scholarship and the Bench and Bar Panel Recap

* North Carolina Blogging Conference Recap

* Recaps of the first and third gatherings of the Bay Area Blawgers

Blog Law

* Co-Blogging Law

* Blog Law Recap

* A Guest Blogger’s “Meta” Post About Guest Blogging

* Blog Content Aggregation, RSS Feeds and Copyright Law

* Steinbuch v. Cutler: New Lawsuit Over Blogging–Steinbuch v. Cutler, Steinbuch v. Cutler Update–Cutler’s Motion to Dismiss, Steinbuch v. Cutler Update, Steinbuch v. Culter Update: Cox Out, Cutler Bankrupt, Steinbuch’s Second Battlefront Against Cutler Shut Down

* BidZirk v. Smith: Griping Blog Post Leads to Lawsuit–BidZirk v. Smith and Blogger Wins Lawsuit Over Gripe Post–BidZirk v. Smith

* Defamation Lawsuit Against Blogger Dismissed on Jurisdictional Grounds–Fahmy v. Hogge

* Bloggers’ Defamation Liability Not Dismissed–Saadi v. Maroun

* Blogger Protected by Anti-SLAPP Statute–GTX v. Left

* Connecticut Blogger Not Subject to Texas Jurisdiction–Healix Infusion v. Helix Health

* Co-Blogger Identity Isn’t Disclosed via 512(h), but Takedown Letters Are Copyrightable

* Blog Defamation Lawsuit Lacks Jurisdiction– v.

Social Networking Sites Generally

* Social Networking Sites and the Law


* Facebook v. ConnectU. See also Facebook’s Lawsuit Against Competitive Email Harvesting Continues–Facebook v. ConnectU

* Telephone Numbers as Identity Authenticators–Abrams v. Facebook


* MySpace Defeats Sherman Antitrust Claim for Blocking Links to Competitor–LiveUniverse v. MySpace

* Lori Drew Conviction Reflections Parts 1, 2 and 3. See also Lori Drew Prosecuted for CFAA Violations–Some Comments, and a Practice Pointer

* MySpace Gets 230 Win in Fifth Circuit–Doe v. MySpace. See also MySpace Suit for Liability for Sexual Assault Dismissed and Doe v. — Continued

* Principal Loses Lawsuit Against Students and Parents Over Fake MySpace Page–Draker v. Schreiber

* MySpace v.

Other Social Networking Sites

* Website Isn’t Liable When Users Lie About Their Ages–Doe v. SexSearch and Doe v. SexSearch Affirmed by 6th Circuit, But Not on 230 Grounds

* Busted for COPPA Violation

* Erika Rottenberg talk recap