Steinbuch v. Culter Update: Cox Out, Cutler Bankrupt

By Eric Goldman

Two updates in the always-interesting Steinbuch v. Cutler case.

1) Steinbuch v. Cutler, No. 05-970 (D.D.C. May 16, 2007). Ana Marie Cox, the Wonkette blogger–who was brought into the suit merely for linking to the allegedly tortious blog–was dismissed from the case on statute of limitation grounds.

2) Jessica Cutler has filed for bankruptcy. Not only has this resulted in a stay of the case, but after chasing Cutler in court for the past 2 years, Steinbuch apparently is going to learn first-hand the meaning of the term “judgment-proof defendant.” The full text of the minute order:

MINUTE ORDER: In view of Defendant Jessica Cutler’s notice of her Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition filing in the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of New York, this case is automatically STAYED pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 362. Signed by Judge Paul L. Friedman on 6/1/2007. (mm)