Blog Law Recap

By Eric Goldman

Spring was a busy time for blog law! This post recap some blog law resources:

* My talk on blogs and intellectual property at the Milwaukee Bar Association (newly posted)

* Notes from my talk on blog law and my experiences as a blogger (newly posted)

* My paper on the law of co-blogging (joint blogging, group blogging and guest blogging)

* EFF’s Legal Guide for Bloggers

* Recap from blog law conference at Univ.of North Carolina

* Recap from Bloggership conference at Harvard

* Blog post on risks of employee blogging

Some blog posts about the mechanics of blogging:

* How to decide which blogs to read

* Should you become a blogger?

* How to get started as a blogger

* Vanity monitoring tools (ways to track who’s talking about you or your blog)

Finally, if you’re interested, my blogroll. Note I add and drop blogs pretty frequently.