Economics of Reputational Information Talks

By Eric Goldman

In the past 2 weeks, I traveled around the country presenting different versions of my Economics of Reputational Information research project to three slightly different audiences. As a result, this troika of presentations provides a nice snapshot of how I develop a topic from talk to talk. I’ve gotten some really terrific feedback on the project. If you have any thoughts on these slides, I would gratefully welcome them. My next step is to work up a definitive outline of my first writing project on this topic, so I’m still at a very early stage that would benefit from your input. My slides from the talks:

* Works in Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP) Colloquium, Tulane University School of Law

* Midwestern Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting, Northwestern University School of Law

* IP Speaker Series, Cardozo Law School

You may recall my initial post on this topic about my presentation at IPSC at Stanford Law.