Talk on Evolving Trends In High Tech Legal Education

University of Hertfordshire Law School. Photo by Pete Stevens -

University of Hertfordshire Law School. Photo by Pete Stevens –

In April, I spoke at the British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) annual meeting at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England. BILETA is an academic work-in-progress conference series for British/Irish cyberlaw and IT/IP professors, so I felt at home with the group even though I had not previously attended one of the conferences. If you teach those topics and are looking for additional work-in-progress presentation opportunities, I encourage you to get on the BILETA email list.

The conference organizer asked me to speak about high tech legal education. As it turns out, for the past 6+ months I’ve been doing a skunkworks project for the law school to think more deeply about next-generation options for high tech legal education, so the topic was timely and personally relevant. Indeed, the last iteration I discuss in the talk will give you a preview of my current proposed direction, something that I haven’t vetted with my faculty colleagues yet (so let’s keep it between us!).

Audio recording of my talk–a svelte 25 minutes!–and my presentation slides (which won’t make much sense without the narration). Photos from the talk (start here and click right) and the photo album from my week in England.