Video of the Patent Opera Is Now Online!

Last week, the High Tech Law Institute hosted a performance of “The Passionate Patent,” perhaps the only opera ever written that relates in any way, shape or form to patent law. The creators self-describe the opera as “Experience the challenge of patenting your invention through the power of opera.” The performance featured four actors/singers plus a narrator and ran about 30 minutes. You can now enjoy the video (download or stream (item #43)).

I’m not an opera fan, so I’m not qualified to evaluate any opera. I will say that the opera didn’t work exactly as I expected, something that became clear only after talking to real opera buffs. The opera is basically a play with opera interludes, but the portions of singing are well-known opera hits (in a variety of languages, including French, German and Italian) that aren’t directly relevant to the play’s narrative. So it’s really a play about patents with some opera singing spliced in (the website says, partially cryptically, “The Passionate Patent…utilizes narration interspersed with some of the most recognized arias in opera”).

I live-tweeted the opera. My tweets: