My Talk to High Schoolers About Accountability for Online Content

By Eric Goldman

Earlier this month, I spoke at Los Altos High School as part of their “History Week” (check out that speaker roster!). The topic title is “Internet and Social Media Usage Rights,” which I turned into a talk about ways teenagers can get themselves into trouble on social media. I used three case studies: Finkel v. Dauber, D.C. v. R.R., and Moreno v. Hanford Sentinel.

This was my first talk ever to high school students, and they are a challenging audience (especially when it’s mandatory attendance). Still, only a few of them fell asleep on me, and I even coaxed few audible chuckles from the audience, so I’ll chalk it up as more successful than not.

My talk slides. Recording of my talk (to preserve student privacy, I turned off the recording before taking Qs) [download and streaming].