Call for Papers/Participation, 3rd Annual Internet Law Work-in-Progress Conference, SCU, March 16, 2013

By Eric Goldman

We invite you to participate in the Third Annual Internet Law Work-in-Progress conference at Santa Clara University School of Law on March 16, 2013. The conference series is co-sponsored by the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law and the Institute for Information Law and Policy at the New York Law School. We take a broad view of the topics that fit under the Internet Law umbrella. The conference has three categories of participation:

* papers-in-progress. To present a paper-in-progress, the presenter must submit a feedback-ready draft of the paper no later than Feb. 28, 2013. Papers-in-progress will receive extra presentation time compared to projects-in-progress. If a presenter requests a paper-in-progress slot but fails to deliver the draft in time, the presentation will be converted to a project-in-progress. If we have to prioritize presentation requests, we plan to give priority to papers earlier in the drafting process that will most benefit from peer feedback, i.e., (a) papers that have not been circulated to publication venues will get higher priority than (b) papers that have been circulated to publication venues but do not yet have a publication commitment, which will get higher priority than (c) papers that have been accepted for publication.

* projects-in-progress. This covers any academic project where the presenter doesn’t submit a reviewable draft by the deadline, ranging from nearly finished projects to half-baked ideas. These presentations receive less presentation time than papers-in-progress.

* discussant. Space permitting, we welcome other scholars to join the conversation as active audience participants.

How to Participate

If you would like to participate, email Eric Goldman ( the following information by November 2, 2012:

* your name, contact information and affiliation

* your preferred category of participation

* if applicable, the title of your project and whether a draft of the paper will have been circulated or placed for publication by the conference time

* which, if any, of the bonus activities (DMCA conference, game night(s), hike) you might be interested in

We expect to notify accepted participants by November 12, 2012. We will evaluate post-deadline submissions on a space-available basis.

There is no event participation fee, but all participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. We will provide further information about transportation and lodging soon. There are no publication obligations associated with presenting at the event.

Bonus Activities

Make a weekend of your visit to Santa Clara University! In addition to the work-in-progress event on March 16, we will have several other activities of interest:

* March 15, during the day: an academic conference with a 15 year retrospective on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Attendees at the work-in-progress event will get free admission to the DMCA conference.

* March 15, evening: a dinner for speakers from the DMCA conference and attendees of the work-in-progress event

* March 15, after dinner: Game Night #1: board games led by gamemaster Dan Hunter (thanks to Andrea M. for the suggestion!)

* March 16, during the day: the Internet Law work-in-progress event, including breakfast, lunch and dinner

* March 16, after dinner: Game Night #2

* March 17: for anyone who doesn’t have to rush off to catch a flight, Eric Goldman will lead a morning hike to a nice local hiking venue (rain will cancel the hike)

As you can see, it will be quite a fiesta all weekend. Don’t miss it!

More Information

For more information, contact Eric Goldman at

The next event in the series will be held at New York Law School in Manhattan in Spring semester 2014.