Yet Another TM Owner Gives Up Against Google–Ezzo v. Google

By Eric Goldman

Jamil Ezzo has apparently given up his lawsuit against Google over AdWords. The dismissal. This was a silly lawsuit that never should have been brought (it was over the purported trademark “Locate Plastic Surgeon” for gosh sakes), and the only surprising thing is that the lawsuit lasted this long. The most noteworthy thing about this dismissal is that Google has successfully whittled the pending AdWords trademark cases down to five from a high water mark of a dozen–an impressive display of litigation skill and financial wherewithal.

The roster of pending AdWords cases (I most recently thoroughly double-checked the status of these cases on June 6, 2010):

* Ezzo v. Google

* Rescuecom v. Google

* FPX v. Google

* John Beck Amazing Profits v. Google and the companion Google v. John Beck Amazing Profits

* Stratton Faxon v. Google

* Soaring Helmet v. Bill Me

* Ascentive v. Google

* Jurin v. Google 1.0 (voluntarily dismissed), succeeded by Jurin v. Google 2.0

* Rosetta Stone v. Google

* Flowbee v. Google

* Parts Geek v. US Auto Parts

* Dazzlesmile v. Epic