“Keyword Advertising Law” Talk (New and Improved!)

By Eric Goldman

I recently spoke on the state of keyword advertising law, which prompted me to rewrite my PowerPoint slides from scratch in light of the many recent developments. So, now available for your enjoyment:

* my talk slides

* an 80 minute free audio recording of my June presentation of this slide deck (plus Q&A) to the IAB Legal Affairs Committee. You can listen in QuickTime or download from iTunesU (for free; go to item 26)

* the CLE written material, a compilation of recent blog posts on the many lawsuits against Google and Google’s two trademark policy changes. I would now add the Ezzo, Ascentive and Jurin cases to the written materials.

If this isn’t enough for you, I am participating in two expensive (overpriced?) webinars on keyword advertising law in July:

* On July 10 (tomorrow!), “Keyword Advertising Do’s and Don’ts,” a 1 hour PLI webinar co-presented with Marty Schwimmer of the Trademark Blog.

* On July 22, “Trademark-Based Keyword Advertising: Potential Liability and Avenues for Relief,” a 90 minute Pike & Fischer webinar co-presented with Rose Hagan of Google, Elisabeth Escobar of Marriott and John Slafsky of Wilson Sonsini.