Google Down to 8 AdWords Lawsuits–Jurin v. Google Voluntarily Dismissed

By Eric Goldman

Jurin v. Google, Inc., 2:09-cv-03934-GHK-E (C.D. Cal. voluntarily dismissed July 23, 2009)

Google’s AdWords litigation docket has reversed direction, at least temporarily, as Jurin has voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against Google. This dismissal came shortly after Jurin had a falling-out with his attorneys, which prompted his attorneys to ask to withdraw from the case. The voluntary dismissal means that Jurin is free to pursue his case elsewhere if he chooses, but I am fairly confident that this case won’t be coming back.

Jurin’s dismissal leaves 8 pending AdWords lawsuits against Google:

* Ezzo v. Google

* Rescuecom v. Google

* FPX v. Google

* John Beck Amazing Profits v. Google

* Stratton Faxon v. Google (not initially a trademark case)

* Soaring Helmet v. Bill Me

* Ascentive v. Google

* Jurin v. Google

* Rosetta Stone v. Google