Fall 2007 Tour Schedule

By Eric Goldman

L’Shanah Tovah! Here are some events I’ll be attending this semester. It would be a delight to see you at one or more of these:

Sept. 17: Blogging, Scholarship and the Bench and Bar, Santa Clara University

Sept. 17: IT Security World, SF (topic: Blog Law)

Sept. 28-29: Works in Progress Intellectual Property, Washington DC

Sept. 29: TPRC, Arlington, VA (topic: Brand Spillovers)

Oct. 1: New Media Law Conference, SF (topic: Keyword Advertising)

Oct. 2: Trust Online, Santa Clara University

Oct. 5: Trademark Dilution: Theoretical and Empirical Inquiries, Santa Clara University

Oct. 18: Association of Internet Researchers, Vancouver (topic: investment decisions in virtual worlds)

Nov. 1: Jonathan Zittrain lecture, Santa Clara University

Nov. 5: Bay Area Blawgers, SF