Travel Plans and Presentations

I’ll be on the West Coast for the next three weeks. During that time, I’ll be making three presentations:

Conference: Second Conference on Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice / DIAC 2005 at Stanford University

Topic: Media Regulation and Deliberative Democracy (raw paper draft)

Conference: Law & Society Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

Topic: Trademark Adjacency (I haven’t prepared my notes yet)

Conference: International IT Law Conference at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles

Topic: 47 USC 230 (I’ll post a detailed handout on 47 USC 230 cases when I get back)

During my travels, I will have spotty access to the Internet, so I won’t be blogging at the normal level (I’ll blog when I can). In my absence, John Ottaviani will continue to guest-blog, so look forward to more good posts from him.

I’ll be back in Milwaukee June 13, so my blogging should return to normal then.