Internet Explorer Market Share Dips Below 90%

Microsoft’s share of the browser market has dipped below 90%. On my blogs, the numbers are even less favorable for Microsoft. Consider my blog stats in the month of May (so far):

“Unknown” 50.9 % (I believe this includes RSS readers and robots)

Internet Explorer 26.3 %

Firefox 10.9 %

Mozilla 6 %

Konqueror 2.2 %

Opera 0.8 %

Safari 0.8 %

Netscape 0.8 %

NetNewsWire 0.7 %

Lynx 0.1 %

In other words, excluding the unknown traffic, IE accounts for only 53.6% of my hits. Admittedly I skew towards a tech audience, but these stats certainly suggest that IE’s lock on the browser marketplace is experiencing significant pressure.