Becomes Adware Bundle-Free Zone has declared itself adware bundle-free—all downloads from will be certified not to be bundled with adware. Personally, I think this step goes a little far. Many of the software programs offered on are shareware or freeware, so an adware bundle may be the only realistic way for independent developers to recoup their investment. Further, could have addressed this through greater labeling of software that (in theory) would have let consumers choose between options, such as a free bundled software vs. the for-pay/shareware version that’s adware-free. On the other hand, it’s servers, and they are of course free to do what they please with them.

In any case,’s step represents a noteworthy step in shrinking the range of distribution channels for adware. Should other distribution platforms take similar steps, adware vendors will either need to reform their ways…or become more pernicious.

Thanks to Spyware Warrior for the tip.