Google v. Yahoo

Wired article on Yahoo’s 10 year anniversary. The article sharply points out that Yahoo seems to get lost in all of the hype about Google, and it shouldn’t. I confess that Google pervades my life: I search Google dozens of times a day (including basic search, images and the news), I use Gmail as a principal email account, I just installed the Google toolbar, my blogs are signed up to Google AdSense. I surely interact with a Google property several times per hour. So it’s easy for me to obsess about Google.

On the other hand, I still use Yahoo frequently too, including for weather, sports, Yellow Pages, maps (sometimes), etc. In other words, Yahoo remains one of my top choices for traditional media services, and usually beats Google on those fronts. The bottom line is that Yahoo is still a potent force in the Internet world, and it would be a mistake to allow ourselves to forget that.