YouTube Isn't Liable for User Uploads of Animal Abuse Videos--Lady Freethinker v. YouTube

YouTube Isn’t Liable for User Uploads of Animal Abuse Videos–Lady Freethinker v. YouTube

YouTube’s TOS restricts the uploading of content depicting animal abuse, defined as “content that shows the malicious infliction of serious physical or psychological harm that causes an animal to suffer.” The TOS provides additional details about what YouTube considers impermissible…

Section 230 Applies to YouTube and Google Search Results--Montano v. Washington Department of Health

Section 230 Applies to YouTube and Google Search Results–Montano v. Washington Department of Health

The court summarizes some of the plaintiff’s concerns: all [] [D]efendants acted with malice against [] [P]laintiff who is a member of a protected class “LGBTQ” as a self-identified gay individual, causing [] [P]laintiff to suffer monetary damages including loss…

Section 230 Applies to Publication of Court Documents--Medina v. Microsoft

Section 230 Applies to Publication of Court Documents–Medina v. Microsoft

In 2014, Medina sued Microsoft. Microsoft’s filings made some unredacted disclosures about Medina that were repeated in an unredacted court opinion, and those documents appeared on several websites that publish court documents. In 2020, Medina got the disclosures from the…

Ninth Circuit Rejects Another Lawsuit Over Account Termination–Mercola v. YouTube

I previously described this case: Joseph Mercola ran a YouTube channel with 300k subscribers and 50M views. YouTube removed the channel for violating its medical misinformation policy (Mercola apparently peddled anti-vax views). Mercola sued YouTube for the usual things and got the…

Section 230 Doesn't Apply to "Editorializing" About Third-Party Content--Marvin v. Lanctot

Section 230 Doesn’t Apply to “Editorializing” About Third-Party Content–Marvin v. Lanctot

This case involves the Warroad High School girls’ hockey team. Warroad, Minnesota is located just a few miles south of the Canadian border, near the Northwest Angle, and hockey appears to be a big thing in town (e.g., the town…

Defamation Claim Proceeds Against YouTuber's Denialism--Robertson v. Upchurch

Defamation Claim Proceeds Against YouTuber’s Denialism–Robertson v. Upchurch

This case involves Ryan Upchurch, who Wikipedia describes as “an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and comedian.” He has 3M+ followers at YouTube. For unspecified reasons, Upchurch started discussing the tragic and highly publicized disappearance of Kiely Rodni on his YouTube channel….

A Peek Into the Long Tail of Facebook’s Litigation Docket

I’ve retired my old Quick Links format, so instead I’m rounding up a couple of Facebook cases that hit my alerts. Georgia Auto Group LLC v. Meta Platforms Inc., 2024 WL 2260718 (M.D. Ga. May 17, 2024) I’m blogging this…

Section 230 Preempts Product Design Claims--Lama v. Meta

Section 230 Preempts Product Design Claims–Lama v. Meta

The court summarizes: Plaintiff alleges that Defendants failed “to implement a child protective procedure whereby parents, school personnel, and other children[-]responsible persons would be able to protect against online bullying wherein the defendants’ products were foreseeably weaponized to facilitate online…

Supreme Court Addresses When Government Employees' Social Media Accounts are State Action (Lindke & Garnier)

Supreme Court Addresses When Government Employees’ Social Media Accounts are State Action (Lindke & Garnier)

[This post got stuck in my drafts folder…sharing it now for completeness] I see many cases against government employees for posting and moderating content on social media. The topic is a doctrinal morass because many details can affect the analysis….

The 7th Circuit's Section 230 Jurisprudence's Impact on FOSTA Cases

The 7th Circuit’s Section 230 Jurisprudence’s Impact on FOSTA Cases

Last August, in GG v. Salesforce, a split Seventh Circuit panel ruled that Salesforce didn’t qualify for Section 230 in a FOSTA case. I never blogged that opinion for two reasons. First, it came at a busy time (I was…