Dealer Management Systems v. Design Automotive Group

Dealer Management Systems v. Design Automotive Group, Ill. Ct. App. Jan. 2005. Vendor sells $20k of software and $15k of services using an unsigned purchase order. Customer doesn’t pay. Vendor sues. Customer defends claiming Statute of Frauds. Court concludes that…

Another Follow-up on Microsoft Antispyware Misclassification

Another article on Microsoft’s antispyware tool blocking access to a Dutch search engine. See earlier posts #1 and #2.

Search Engine “Impression Spam”

Click fraud has been well-discussed among SEMs/SEOs, but Rob McGann runs a good article in ClickZ calling attention to “impression spam.” This occurs because Google considers click-through rate in its sorting algorithm for paid ads. If an ad gets a…

Block v. eBay

Block v. eBay, #105CV035930 (Cal. Superior Ct. filed Feb. 17, 2005). Important new class action lawsuit against eBay. Internet News and Reuters have focused on the claim that eBay acts as a shill bidder by exhorting high bidders to up…

Penenberg on WSJ and Search Engines

Adam Penenberg argues that the Wall Street Journal eventually will become irrelevant because its subscription model (1) makes its content invisible to the search engines, and (2) prevents bloggers from linking to it. I think he’s right. Our assessments of…

Fracas over iDownload C&D Letters

iDownload has been sending C&D letters to people who have characterized iSearch software as “malware” or “spyware.” See postings at Spyware Warrior and CastleCops. I’ve blogged on the misclassification problem before, and I remain deeply troubled that valuable software functionality…

Search Engine Strategies Session on Legal Issues

Grant Crowell summarizes the Search Engine Strategies panel on legal issues, including some rather inoffensive quotes from me. I had a lot more outrageous things to say on the trademark topic, but they didn’t appear to make the cut.

Dating Search Engine

Lycos is planning to launch a meta search engine for dating websites.

Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2005

The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2005 (HR 683) was introduced February 9, with a hearing of the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property on February 16. The law appears to be a…

More on Dutch Search Engine Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Michael Geist’s ILN reports that Microsoft has altered its software and issued an apology in response to the Dutch search engine’s lawsuit over being labeled spyware.