RSS Feeds I Still Subscribe To After a Dozen Years

I was rooting around my hard drive and I rediscovered this snapshot of my RSS subscriptions from May 2006. (I was using Bloglines as my RSS reader then…do you remember it?!). I’ve starred and bolded the feeds I’m still subscribed to a dozen years later, now using Feedly. I currently subscribe to about 170 feeds, down from a peak of about 240 after I did a major purge of dormant/dead feeds a few months ago. You should note that I routinely add and drop RSS feeds; I often subscribe to blogs out of curiosity and then drop the feed after a few months. If you run one of the bolded/starred sites, kudos to you on your venerability. You can count me as a long-time loyal reader, and thank you for sustained contributions over many years!


ABA Cyberspace Law Committee
AP Top Strange News
AP Top Technology News
*** Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports
BusinessWeek Online — Technology & Science – Today’s News
*** CircleID
ClickZ Experts
ClickZ News
ClickZ News Blog
ClickZ Stats
Concurring Opinions
*** ContractsProf Blog
Defacto2 – The Scene News with Site News
Domain Name / Nom de domaine !
*** EFF: Deep Links
*** Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Geeking with Greg
Godwin’s Law
*** Goldman’s Observations
*** IP and IT Conferences
John Battelle’s Searchblog
*** Legal Ethics Forum
The Long Tail
MIT Advertising Lab: future of advertising and advertising techn
*** NYT > Education
*** NYT > Media and Advertising
*** NYT > Technology
*** Official Google Blog
The Patry Copyright Blog
*** reality blurred: the reality TV news digest
*** Reality TV World: Reality TV News
*** The Red Tape Chronicles [now]
Rethink(IP) – Full USPTO News and Notices
Reuters: Oddly Enough
*** Reuters: Technology
Search Engine Guide Blog
Search Engine Watch
*** Slashdot
*** The Smoking Gun
Spyware Confidential
Spyware Warrior
*** Technology & Marketing Law Blog
*** The Trademark Blog
*** U.S. Copyright Office
*** [now I subscribe to “The Switch”]
*** Wired News: Top Stories Law Blog