Some Upcoming Internet Law and Privacy Events at Santa Clara Law

We’re holding some outstanding Internet Law and privacy events on campus this semester that I wanted to make sure you knew about:

* January 30, noon to 1: Ed Felten on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

* February 2, all day: Content Moderation and Removal at Scale. A conference 10 months in the making…and it’s finally here! However, we’re sold out! If you want to come, please let us know ASAP so we can put you on the waitlist that we are working hard to clear. We’re also hoping to make available a live-stream option.

* February 9, morning: Bridging the Privacy Gap: GDPR. This event is being run by the students at our Journal of International Law.

* February 13, 7-8 pm: Wendell Wallach, Minimizing AI Risks: An Agile Ethical/Legal Model for the International and National Governance of AI

* April 9-10: we haven’t finished the details, so I don’t have an official announcement yet. However, for now, mark these dates for events with the UN Special Rapporteur for Privacy in his first (?) open-to-the-public event in the Silicon Valley. This event has been literally 2 years in the making.

* May 14, 7-8:30pm: In another event we haven’t officially announced yet, Cyrus Farivar will be speaking about his book, Habeas Data: Privacy v. the rise of Surveillance Tech

Also, on March 24, the Internet Law Works-in-Progress conference–a joint project of Santa Clara Law and New York Law School–rotates back to NYC. Speaking spots are filled, but there may still be room for non-speaker attendees. Contact me if you want to come.

I plan to be at all of these events other than the GDPR event. Hope to see you there!