Q3 2012 Quick Links, Part 5 (E-Commerce, Miscellaneous)

By Eric Goldman and Jake McGowan


* Noll v. eBay, 2012 WL 1413442 (N.D. Cal. April 23, 2012). The Complaint. eBay’s “Good ‘Til Canceled” fees survive a legal challenge.

* Porras v. StubHub: StubHub not liable for tickets that are not “authentic” and “valid.”

* NY Times: How shopping malls are fighting back against e-commerce: by shifting to retailers who provide services instead of selling goods.

* NY Times on Craigslist’s ongoing campaign to shut down third party apps built on its site.


* Las Vegas Sun profile of Marc Randazza

* “38% of adults sometimes think it would be easier to solve world peace than attempt to remember all their passwords.”

* Ira Steven Nathenson, Best practices for the law of the horse: teaching cyberlaw and illuminating law through online simulations, 28 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 657-741 (2012). Related: Teaching Cyberlaw.

* New version of James Grimmelmann’s Internet Law reader is available.

* Jay Brown, Essay: Law Faculty Blogs and Disruptive Innovation

* Nick Bilton on the Silicon Valley Bubble (socially, not economically)

* Bing Has Human Search Quality Raters. Prior blog post.

* Breaking down Google’s 2011 Revenues.

* Wired: Signing Forms at the Top Makes People More Honest.

* CNET News.com: “AngelList is now helping startups with their legal docs.”

* Wired’s retrospective on SABRE–one of the first and most important electronic networks.

* VentureBeat: Sh*t Judge Lucy Koh says: Our top 5 favorites