Introducing Blogging Assistant Jake McGowan, and Another Request for Help

By Eric Goldman

As I recently mentioned, I am also blogging at my Forbes blog, Tertium Quid. To help balance out some of this blog’s workload, I’m pleased to introduce the Technology & Marketing Law Blog’s first-ever blogging assistant, Jake McGowan, a 2L at Santa Clara University School of Law. I’ve had students post on the blog from time to time, but this will be a more involved relationship that, I hope, will run at least for the next 18 months or so. Jake will be contributing content under his own byline, he’ll be helping Venkat and I prepare posts, and he’ll be working on some of the site’s technological underpinnings and user interface.

(Side note: if you are an employer looking to hire someone I’ve personally vetted and trained, you might want to act fast with Jake before your competition takes him off the market).

With Jake on the team, I’m ready to tackle the long-deferred project of upgrading the blog’s technology. The blog’s technology hasn’t changed very much since a Marquette Law student built it in 2004, and its age definitely shows. I can’t promise any changes yet, but I can say that the chances for improvement have never been greater.

Now, the REQUEST FOR HELP! As part of these possible technological changes, I would like to rename the blog. I trust the need for a blog rebranding is self-evident. So, here’s how you can help: can you suggest the blog’s new name? Please email me with your suggestions. We might not pick any reader suggestions, but if we do, the suggester will (in addition to earning massive good karma) get a special and highly coveted thank-you gift from my private Slinky stash. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.