Job Opening: Assistant Director, High Tech Law Institute

By Eric Goldman

I’m sad to announce that Cindy Tippett, our current Assistant Director of the High Tech Law Institute, will be leaving the position due to a family relocation. Cindy has been an integral part of the HTLI’s operations over the past 2.5 years, and we have made substantial progress towards our goals during that time period. I am grateful for her many contributions, and I will miss working with her.

Her departure opens up a really terrific law school administrative job for the right person. See the job description and application. The HTLI has a lot of unfinished business and untapped upside, and the Assistant Director plays a crucial role in serving our communities. If you know a candidate who might be a good fit, I’d be grateful if you would make the referral. If you think *you* might be the right person, please submit an electronic application. Feel free to email me with any questions about the position.