Twitter May Allow Competitors to Purchase Trademarks as Keywords for Sponsored Tweets

[Post by Venkat]

via Reid Wilson (at the INTA Annual Meeting):

Twitter’s GC on sponsored tweets: still working on the policy; may permit TM’s to be purchased by competitors as key words 4 sponsored twts.less than a minute ago via mobile web

Twitter’s General Counsel spoke with Fionn O’Raghallaigh in greater detail about sponsored tweets and issues for brand owners. You can check out that informative interview at Managing Intellectual Property here: “Branding Challenges for Twitter and its Users.”

This is one of Professor Goldman’s favorite topics so I’m sure he will comment on it down the road (if and when interesting issues arise). I just wanted to flag it, and to try out Twitter’s embedded tweets function.

Reid’s tweet illustrates one of the key benefits of Twitter. I did not attend the INTA annual meeting, but still caught some relevant goings on as they happened.