Introducing Guest Blogger Venkat Balasubramani

By Eric Goldman

It’s my pleasure to welcome Venkat Balasubramani as a guest blogger. I’m fortunate that I can make this introduction in writing and not orally because I still don’t know how to pronounce his last name. As my students can readily attest, I have lousy pronunciation skills generally, and it usually takes me multiple reminders to get it right. It’s nothing personal; I wasn’t very good at pronouncing my old last name (Schlachter–rhymes with “doctor”) either.

Anyway, back to Venkat. Regular readers may recognize his name because Ethan and I have frequently linked to his posts (at least 18 times by my count) at his excellent spamnotes blog. Venkat also has an active presence at Twitter, where he has a large following. I’ve been reading his blog faithfully for about 3 years now, and Venkat and I routinely share story tips and thoughts all the time. With our common interests and frequent cross-linking, it seemed like a natural for us to work together more closely.

Venkat is a principal at Focal PLLC, a small firm handling cyberlaw and related matters. Before that, he spent time at Gibson Dunn and Perkins Coie, in-house and as a solo practitioner. This range of legal experiences really enriches his posts, and I expect you’ll find them as enlightening as I do.