Ripoff Report Hires New General Counsel

By Eric Goldman

I don’t normally blog on personnel matters, but news about the Ripoff Report is a perennial favorite of blog readers. So I’m sharing the news that David S. Gingras has taken the mantle as the General Counsel at Ripoff Report. His law firm bio page and his LinkedIn page. Before David, the Ripoff Report’s General Counsel was Thomas Duffy.

My impression is that, pound-for-pound, the Ripoff Report is probably involved in more litigation (mostly defense, but occasionally on offense (e.g., 1, 2)) than any other organization I track. Therefore, having David in-house should be very helpful to the organization. Fortunately, David is already very familiar with the Ripoff Report, as he previously worked at Jaburg & Wilk, an Arizona boutique law firm that handles a lot of Ripoff Report litigation, including several that David was personally involved with.

Coincidentally, I just blogged about joining a technology organization as its new General Counsel. Congratulations on the new gig, David, and best of luck!