Trademark Dilution Symposium Videos

By Eric Goldman

It seems like only yesterday that the High Tech Law Institute sponsored the Trademark Dilution Symposium, but a quick look at the calendar reveals that it’s been over 6 months. Wow, how time flies!

Even at this late date, I think the videos from the event will be interesting to any trademark geek, and we’ve finally been able to get them online, albeit not in the most convenient format. You can download the videos from iTunesU, which annoyingly also requires you to download the iTunes client if you don’t have it already. Sorry about that. I’m working on a more convenient downloading location, but for now at least they are online, so let’s call the glass half-full. [UPDATE: You can watch the videos without needing the iTunes client by following this link.]

The whole day was fascinating, but my personal favorite moment occurred when Prof. McCarthy analogized the dilution doctrine to Bigfoot–because no one has offered incontrovertible evidence of either. A long, long time ago, some other bloggers posted more fulsome recaps from the event:

* Rebecca Tushnet, Comparative Analyses of Dilution; Dilution Regulation, Part 2 (Doctrinal Challenges); Dilution Regulation, Part 1 (A Look Back); Consumer Perceptions, Part 2; Consumer Perceptions, Part 1; McCarthy keynote

* Devan Desai, An Example of a Well-Planned and Run Single Topic Conference

* Joyce Cutler, BNA Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal, Santa Clara Law School Seminar Focuses on Dilution Act Revisions (BNA subscription required)

We have posted a variety of resources on trademark dilution law on the HTLI website, including the slides used by the speakers. If you’re working on trademark dilution issues, check it out.

Finally, the Computer & High Tech Law Journal is publishing an issue filled with excellent papers from the symposium. IP law profs on the AALS list will automatically get a complete copy of the issue in your mailbox in the next few weeks, courtesy of the High Tech Law Institute. Everyone else can find the papers though the journal’s website when they are posted.