Road Show Spring 2008

Some of the places I’ll be this semester. As always, please let me know if I should plan to see you there!


Jan. 15: Best Practices for Businesses Exploring…Exploiting…and Expanding in Web 2.0, Pike & Fischer teleconference

Jan. 26: The Toll Roads: The Legal and Political Debate Over Network Neutrality, University of San Francisco School of Law. I’m moderating an afternoon panel.

Jan. 30: Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee’s 4th annual State of the Net Conference, Washington DC. Check out the panel I’ll be on–there could be some sparks!

Jan. 31: Spyware: What’s Worked, What’s Left, and What’s Coming, Anti-Spyware Coalition, Washington DC. I’m really excited about the panel topic of “Is Adware Dead?” I have some strong thoughts on this topic!


Feb. 1: Internet Collaboration: Charting the Waters of Virtual Worlds, Web 2.0, and the GPL, Santa Clara Computer & High Tech Law Journal. Judge Kozinski, a frequent presence on this blog, will be the keynote speaker, and the speaker list is studded with other luminaries.

Feb. 8-9: Fourth International Conference on Contracts, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento.

Feb. 26 SMX West, Santa Clara


Mar. 24: Information Technology Law Institute 2008, Practicing Law Institute, San Francisco


Apr. 18: Co-sponsored event with Berkeley Center for Law & Technology to be held in Berkeley. This hasn’t been publicly announced, but I promise you it will be relevant to this blog’s audience and a top-notch event, so mark your calendars now.