Amici Curiae Briefs

By Eric Goldman

Amici curiae briefs were filed in the Ninth Circuit appeal by:

* a variety of Internet companies such as Google, eBay and Amazon plus non-profit organizations such as the EFF

* various news organizations

* the ACLU. has taken the ACLU brief as unfriendly and wrote a reply brief.

Other documents in the case:

* The Fair Housing Councils’ request to brief Batzel.’s opposition. The Ninth Circuit denied the Councils’ request on Nov. 6.

* The Ninth Circuit order granting the en banc hearing

* Fair Housing Councils’ reply to the EFF et al amicus brief

* EFF et al amicus brief supporting a rehearing en banc

* Fair Housing Council’s response to’s request for an en banc rehearing

*’s En Banc Request

* The original Ninth Circuit opinion

* My blog post on the Ninth Circuit opinion