Motions over Batzel Briefing

By Eric Goldman

Now that the case is pending en banc, let the games begin! The first round: the Fair Housing Councils want to submit a brief arguing why the Ninth Circuit Batzel precedent should be overturned in light of the Seventh Circuit 2003 Doe v. GTE case. The Fair Housing Councils’ request.’s opposition.

Other documents in the case:

* The Ninth Circuit order granting the en banc hearing

* Fair Housing Councils’ reply to the EFF et al amicus brief

* EFF et al amicus brief supporting a rehearing en banc

* Fair Housing Council’s response to’s request for an en banc rehearing

*’s En Banc Request

* The original Ninth Circuit opinion

* My blog post on the Ninth Circuit opinion

UPDATE: 11/6/07 Filed Order (Alex KOZINSKI,) Plaintiffs’ mtn for leave to file additional briefing is DENIED. (served EN BANC COURT & Parties) [04-56916, 04-57173] (af) [04-56916 04-57173]