Zango’s Busy Litigation Docket

By Eric Goldman

I got a tip that Zango’s lawsuit against PC Tools had been removed to federal court, which prompted me to search for “Zango” in PACER for the Western District of Washington. I learned that Zango has a surprisingly busy litigation docket, with 4 lawsuits filed in its home court in the past two months:

* I previously blogged on Zango v. PC Tools. That case has been removed to federal court (W.D. Wash., case no. 2:07-cv-00797-JCC).

* Zango filed a similar but less well-publicized lawsuit against anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky, which also has been removed to federal court. Zango Inc. v. Kaspersky Lab Inc., 2:07-cv-00807-JCC (W.D. Wash.). Because the lawsuit was initially filed in state court, PACER doesn’t have the complaint. However, here’s Zango’s motion for a TRO.

In addition to these 2 lawsuits against anti-spyware software vendors, Zango claims it’s been stiffed by two advertisers to the tune of about $1M:

* Zango Inc. v. Internet Brands Inc., 2:07-cv-00506-RSL (W.D. Wash. complaint filed April 6, 2007). See the complaint.

* Zango Inc v. Mainstream Advertising, 2:07-cv-00507-MJP (W.D. Wash. complaint filed April 6, 2007). See the complaint.

Looks like it’s a rough-and-tumble world out there!