Eric Goldman Road Show Spring 2007

By Eric Goldman

I have a busy schedule over the next 3 months. As always, I’d welcome the opportunity to meet, either at the events below or if I am in your neighborhood.

March 14: [TODAY!] Radio interview with David Levine on “Hearsay Culture.” The live broadcast will air in the Bay Area between 5-6 pm on KZSU, 90.1 fm, or the podcast will be loaded here in the next week or so. David and I discuss domain name regulation, my Coasean Analysis of Marketing paper, online trademark law and anti-adware laws.

UPDATE: Podcast available here.

March 22: Originality, Software and Moral Rights with Prof. Bobbi Kwall

March 26: Virtues and Vices of Open Source Software with Prof. Eben Moglen

March 28: Bay Area Blawgers (about 2 dozen blawgers coming!)

April 5 (noon): Faculty Colloquium at SCU Law. Topic: Brand Spillovers. Please email me if you want to come (space is very limited).

April 6 (10 am): Law, Science & Technology LLM Colloquium, Stanford Law School. Topic: Brand Spillovers (yes, same topic as the day before). This event may have limited access to the public; contact me if you want to come.

April 13: Emerging Issues in Computer and Technology Law, SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas, TX. Topic: Keyword Law.

April 30: When Spam Isn’t Spam: An Unfiltered Look at Self-Regulation and the Law Behind E-mail, Touro Law School, Central Islip, NY. Topic: Anti-Spam and Anti-Blocklist Lawsuits: Past and Future.

May 14: American Law Institute meeting, San Francisco

June 7: 2007 International IT Law Conference, Southwestern Law School (Los Angeles). Topic: On-line Marketing Issues and What to Do About Them.

June 18: Fourth Annual Ecommerce Best Practices Conference, Stanford Law School. Topic: Navigating the Shoals of State Regulation.