My Wikipedia Page is Safe (For Now…)

By Eric Goldman

In my last post on Wikipedia, I mentioned that my personal Wikipedia page had been tagged “article lacks information on the importance of the subject matter.” Shortly thereafter, things took the inevitable turn for the worse–the page got nominated for deletion. The Wikipedians huddled on a discussion page and failed to reach a consensus: 7 voted to keep the page, and 7 voted to delete it and/or merge it into another page. Apparently, this preserves the status quo, so my Wikipedia page was saved from deletion for now. It’s not exactly the most ringing endorsement, but it’s better than having to report to mom that Wikipedia deemed me “non-notable”!

UPDATE: I feel a little better now that I know Matt Cutts was nominated for deletion too. This is the problem of having contributions from people who aren’t experts in the applicable area.