Regulating Marketing Delivery Presentation

I’ve given yet another presentation of my paper on regulating marketing. You can check out my outline of the talk. This outline is pretty close to the current working draft of the paper, so I would gratefully welcome any comments.

Marquette’s Link to the Father of Spam

By Eric Goldman You may recall the story of the first spam. A guy named Gary Thuerk worked for Digital Equipment Company. In 1978, he sent unsolicited emails to over 400 Internet users inviting them to attend a demonstration of…

Web Term Paper Lawsuit Settles

By Eric Goldman In September, I blogged about Macellari v. Carroll. In that case, a student sued a website that allegedly offered her term paper for sale. The case has settled under a confidentiality cloak (registration required). However, a defendant…

47 USC 230 Year-in-Review (and Landry-Bell v. Various, Another Defense Win)

By Eric Goldman Landry-Bell v. Various December was a busy month for 47 USC 230 cases (with at least 4 substantive rulings plus 1 procedural ruling). The latest case to emerge from the year-end rush is Landry-Bell v. Various, Inc.,… Loses 47 USC 230 Motion to Dismiss–Hy Cite v.

By Eric Goldman Hy Cite Corp. v., 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 38082 (D. Ariz. Dec. 27, 2005) This is the third 47 USC 230 ruling involving The first two were: * MCW, Inc. v., L.L.C., 2004 WL…

My Google Search History

By Eric Goldman I use Google a lot. I’ve been using Google’s personalized search now for a couple months, and this gives me a handy (and slightly-embarrassing) record of just how often I search Google. I think my December chart…

Tattoo Advertising/Human Billboards

By Eric Goldman One of my contracts final exam questions last semester involved a person who sold tattoo rights to an advertiser. This prompted me to do a little research, and it turns out this phenomenon isn’t all that new….

2005 Blog Year-in-Review

By Eric Goldman I generally avoid overly self-referential postings, but this post is a glaring exception. In this post, I’ll recap some of the blog highlights (and lowlights) of the past year, covering both this blog and my personal blog….