My Google Search History

By Eric Goldman

I use Google a lot. I’ve been using Google’s personalized search now for a couple months, and this gives me a handy (and slightly-embarrassing) record of just how often I search Google. I think my December chart says it all:


In case you’re wondering about the white or light green boxes, I was traveling and mostly offline December 2-4 and 19-25. Top number of searches in one day? 44, or about 3 searches every waking hour.

Add in my time on Gmail and with AdSense, and I routinely interact with Google multiple times an hour.

All of this is fantastic news for Google. The not-so-good news? I recall clicking on a sponsored link only once or twice all month. As a result, at most I may have made a buck for Google via CPC ads. (I probably also made Google some money from CPM ads displayed in search results and in Gmail, although I mostly ignore those). It takes a lot of users earning Google $1-$2 a month to justify a $115B market cap!