My Very Own Search Engine Spam Page

By Eric Goldman

I know that aggressive marketers develop what’s commonly referred to as “spam pages”–low-value-added web pages that are intended to be indexed by the search engines and receive a low amount of traffic. Even with a low amount of traffic, if the web page creation is automated, spam pages may still be profitable. Google does a pretty good job keeping spam pages off the first SERP page, but I’ve found plenty of spam pages in their index.

Acknowledging all this, nevertheless I’m totally scratching my head at this page (check out the title bar, the third level domain, and the content snippets 2/3 of the way down the page). Clearly, someone has aggregated up content from lots of websites (presumably by automatically cutting ‘n’ pasting search results)…but I cannot imagine that there are enough searchers searching for these keywords to justify the creation of this page.