How Would You Advertise a Strip Club?

The Century Lounge is a strip club located on Century Boulevard in LA right at the 405 freeway. Historically, it has advertised itself with a sign that says “Live Nude Nude Nudes” in earth toned psychedelia letters. Just about everyone who drives by the sign remembers it forever. And literally thousands of tourists a day drive by this sign on their way to or from LAX.

Apparently the current slogan is too subtle in its drawing power, so the proprietor installed a new sign: “Vaginas R Us.” Needless to say, many community members are not thrilled with this change.

But how to combat it? A frontal assault on the sign’s content would lead to a messy First Amendment claim. A back door assault based on city codes did get the sign temporarily removed as a fire hazard, but that didn’t last long. Clearly, a more permanent solution is needed.

Fortunately, the local business association had a stroke of inspiration. Why try to invoke the machinery of the government when trademark law can do the heavy lifting easily? One quick call to Toys R Us, and the problem should be solved.

However, the enterprising proprietor has a backup plan if he hears from Toys R Us: “I’ll just change ‘us’ to ‘Vaginas is Us’ or ‘Vaginas Are Us.'” I would note that most grammarians would find the first recast version highly offensive, but not because it contains the word vagina!

UPDATE: Boing Boing has some photos and additional details.