Update on Click Fraud Lawsuit

I’m a little late blogging this. It appears that the Lane’s Gift and Collectible lawsuit over click fraud is tied up in procedural limbo right now. The suit was filed in state court, the defendants moved the case to federal court, and now the plaintiffs are trying to move it back to state court. All of this is complicated by the new law that passed in the interim driving most class-action lawsuits into federal court. I’m not sure why the plaintiffs are so anxious to keep the case in state court; on its face, it appears that the new federal law pushes this case into federal court.

Meanwhile, I’ve traded messages with the lead plaintiff’s attorney about seeing the complaint, but he said it was going to be heavily revised in light of these procedural battles. I’m still anxious to see how the plaintiffs have styled the complaint given the seemingly insurmountable terms of the applicable contracts.