Copyright Office Posts Comments Regarding Orphan Works

The Copyright Office has posted the comments it received regarding orphan works—a total of 716 comments! It will take a while for the copyright office to work through these. A number of the submissions are brief, in some cases just a story or example, but a number of the submissions are law review-esque.

The list of submissions is pretty overwhelming, so I identified some comments submitted by IP professors:

Jamie Boyle

Kenneth Crews

Tom Field

Paul Goldstein/Jane Ginsburg

Peter Jazsi

Larry Lessig

Doris Long

Larry Solum

Jennifer Urban

A few other submissions that caught my eye:

Public Knowledge (Mike Godwin)




An extremely cursory scan suggests that most of the comments I looked at favored doing something about the problem (as opposed to ignoring it), although the approaches did vary. Perhaps this will give the Copyright Office enough support to propose a new solution.