Spyware, Researchware, Trackware, Greyware…What to Ware?

ClickZ’s Rob McGann reports that comScore’s tracking software has been on a spyware “rollercoaster.” CA called it spyware, then changed its mind, and has changed its mind yet again. comScore wants a new category for the software: “researchware.” Computer Associates did create a new category called “trackware,” which is still spyware to CA, and put comScore’s software in it. However, CA is kind enough to permit comScore to “appeal” the decision in CA’s private courtroom.

David Nason of eAcceleration calls trackware “greyware” (presumably because it’s neither black nor white?). He continues: “There is anti-spyware software that is arguably spyware. There is anti-spyware software that is not spyware that gets identified as spyware and removed by competitors. When it gets down to the consumer level, it’s hard for people to know what to believe.”

Reading that quote makes my head hurt! Meanwhile, I’m proposing a new category called euphemismware.

UPDATE: Suzi has some fun with nomenclature–ultimately championing “sneakware.”