SPY Act Passes House Committee

The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the SPY Act, sending it to the House floor. The article illustrates continuing definitional problems with the bill.

iDownload’s Latest Letters

iDownload backs off of its legal threats to bloggers who characterized its software as spyware. If they were going to backpedal like this, why bare their fangs in the first place?

FTC Report on Spyware

The FTC has released a report entitled “Monitoring Software on Your PC: Spyware, Adware, and Other Software” as a follow up to its April 2004 workshop. I need to read through it, but it looks like a typical FTC response:…

Edelman on P2P Disclosures

Ben Edelman released a report entitled “Comparison of Unwanted Software Installed by P2P Programs.” The report evidences Ben’s typical skill and thoroughness, and it’s a worthy read. However, the report struggles with the appropriate standards for measuring a workable disclosure…

Another Follow-up on Microsoft Antispyware Misclassification

Another article on Microsoft’s antispyware tool blocking access to a Dutch search engine. See earlier posts #1 and #2.

Fracas over iDownload C&D Letters

iDownload has been sending C&D letters to people who have characterized iSearch software as “malware” or “spyware.” See postings at Spyware Warrior and CastleCops. I’ve blogged on the misclassification problem before, and I remain deeply troubled that valuable software functionality…

More on Dutch Search Engine Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Michael Geist’s ILN reports that Microsoft has altered its software and issued an apology in response to the Dutch search engine’s lawsuit over being labeled spyware.

Lawsuit Over Spyware Label

Microsoft sued for characterizing a Dutch search engine as spyware. See my previous post expressing concerns about Microsoft’s anti-spyware tool becoming the standard.

Spyware, Researchware, Trackware, Greyware…What to Ware?

ClickZ’s Rob McGann reports that comScore’s tracking software has been on a spyware “rollercoaster.” CA called it spyware, then changed its mind, and has changed its mind yet again. comScore wants a new category for the software: “researchware.” Computer Associates…

Ninth Circuit En Banc ruling in Gator.com v. LL Bean

Gator.com v. LL Bean, 2005 WL 351228 (9th Cir. Feb. 15, 2005). In 2001, LL Bean sent a C&D to Gator (now Claria). Gator responded by suing for a declaratory judgment. The district court dismissed Gator’s lawsuit for lack of…