Yet More on AdSense Ads

AsSense has now gone 180 degrees with my ads. Having had hunting ads for several days (which did pretty well clickthrough-wise, FWIW), today I’m seeing the following ads on my site: One-stop vegan shopping Hundreds of cruelty-free products Shoes, food,…

Kaplan and Bar/Bri Alleged to Illegally Divide Market–Rodriguez v. West Publishing Corporation

Rodriguez v. West Publishing Corporation, CV05-3222 (C.D. Cal. complaint filed April 28, 2005). Explosive class-action antitrust lawsuit brought by Van Etten Suzumoto & Beckett against Kaplan and Bar/Bri alleging an illegal market-division agreement where West agreed to stay out of…

Law Firm Partner Recruitment and Turnover

Last month’s American Lawyer magazine ran an interesting in-depth article on partner mobility and retention. It discusses the difficulties some firms retaining lateral partners, including Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, which turned over an incredible 68% of the partners it…

Law Firm Compensation and Culture

Article on different law firm compensation schemes and their consequences on firm culture (registration required).

Don’t Look in the Freezer

I’m not exactly sure why, but there seems to be something about storing dead people in freezers in Wisconsin. (Reminder about Dahmer).

New Ads–This Time from PETA!

After my ironic run-in with hunting ads, my post on the Happy Cows case appears to triggered AdSense ads from PETA. For example, I’ve now seen a few ads promoting, such as: Got Osteoporosis? Why dairy products won’t help…

Death by Poison or Hanging?

Wisconsin woman is convicted of felony theft. Judge gives her a choice: 90 days in jail or donate her Packers season tickets to charity for a year. Given the Packer obsession in Wisconsin, I honestly can’t predict which one she…

Joint Author Agreements

Copyright law has some potentially unexpected surprises for co-authors. Co-authors usually have a “duty to account” to each other for revenues generated from the jointly-authored work. Co-authors may also have a duty not to “waste” the jointly owned asset (the…

New Jacob Photos

I’m running behind on maintaining Jacob’s photos, but I uploaded a bunch (with a video and some letters) to his website (new material under November 2004-January 2005).

De Novo Blog on Law Reviews

De Novo blog ran a “symposium” on law review membership (Should you apply? General or specialty? etc.). Days 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. My contribution, with my typical cynicism and a small dose of optimism, is here.